Dr. Junaid A. Ansari

Dr. Junaid A. Ansari

Positions: General Dentist


Dr. Junaid graduated with an Honors from University of Maharastra, India. He has been practicing Dentistry for over 14 years and has been working in Gulf countries for over 8 years.

He provides quality dental care for adults and children. He has a keen interest in Endodontics and offers single visit root canal treatment.

Dr. Junaid’s strength lies in being very empathetic to his patients. As a General Dentist, he believes saving teeth and preventive dentistry both help to maintain good oral health.

Off work, he enjoys bike riding, gardening and cooking.


Degree: Bachelors in Dentistry

Office: Office 1801, 18th floor, Dentacare Hamdan

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Marathi and basic Arabic