Dr. Manoj Poovelil

Dr. Manoj Poovelil

Positions: Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Manoj has been practicing Dentistry for over 25  years and Paediatric Dentistry for 13 years. He has experience in the Gulf for over 19 years.

He holds a Master degree in Pedodontics from India, and has trained extensively on how to handle cooperative, uncooperative and anxious kids by adopting different behavioral management and modification techniques.

Dr. Manoj has been in Dentacare for the past 2 years. He is a detail oriented, preventive and pediatric dentist who specializes in Kids dentistry.

He is qualified and privileged in conscious sedation techniques (laughing gas) and full mouth rehabilitation under general anesthesia. He is trained in emergency treatment of sports injury for front teeth fractures of primary and young permanent teeth. He routinely performs early diagnosis space analysis and  jaw relation predictions in his practice. For children, he regularly completes smile restoration with child friendly crowns / caps for teeth. He also delivers parent and child counseling regarding oral health and maintenance.

Dr. Manoj is very fond of kids, a great badminton player, and enjoys singing.

Degree: Masters in Pedodontics

Office: Office 1801, 18th floor, Dentacare Hamdan and Office 9, Mezzanine, Dentacare Muroor

Languages Spoken: English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil