Dr. Meinathan Rajamanickam

Dr. Meinathan Rajamanickam

Positions: General Dentist

Dr. Raj has been practicing General Dentistry for over 20 years, and has worked in the UAE for 15 years. He has completed his Bachelors in Dental Surgery from India.

He has been at Dentacare for the past 6 years. His scope of work includes; all General Dental procedures like Oral Prophylaxis, Restorations, Prosthesis for replacing missing teeth, Teeth Whitening, surgical procedures involving removal of teeth and gum related procedures. Dr. Raj is a very soft spoken, kind natured person, and is very gentle with his patients.

In his downtime, Dr. Raj enjoys car racing, especially the thrill of driving fast.

Degree: Bachelors in Dental Surgery

Office: Office 9, Mezzanine floor, Dentacare Muroor

Languages Spoken: English, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam