Dr. Praveen Kumar

Dr. Praveen Kumar

Positions: General Dentist, Endodontist


Dr. Praveen is a Root Canal Specialist, practicing for over 7  years. He has been working in the UAE for the past 6 yrs. He has completed his Bachelor’s degree and his Master’s degree in the field of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics from India.

Dr. Praveen has been at Dentacare for the past 3 years. Apart from General Dentistry procedures, his expertise includes; painless single visit root canal treatments, surgical and non surgical root canal retreatments and various cosmetic procedures.

He is skillful in Rotary Endodontics, and Restorative and Esthetic procedures. He is well trained to use the dental operating microscope as well as the soft and hard tissue lasers.

Dr. Praveen has experience in training Dentists from other parts of the world. He has also been a contributor for various textbooks and many of his research papers were recognized at multiple national and international conferences, resulting in an array of awards.

He is professionally ethical and works with extreme focus, passion and strives to achieve patient comfort and professional satisfaction.

Beyond his accolades and credentials, Dr. Praveen’s interests include Music, Photography, Sports, Travel and Cooking.


Degree: Bachelors and Masters in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Office: Office 9, Mezzanine floor, Dentacare Muroor

Languages Spoken: English, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam