Implants & Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the rehabilitation of broken down teeth or replacement of missing teeth. A Prosthodontic specialist is highly trained in dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures and esthetic dentistry.

Dental implants are fixtures of titanium which are surgically screwed into your jaw bone. The implant is an anchor for a naturally-appearing false tooth or a set of false teeth. Over the implant, a crown is screwed or cemented, making it look and function similar to a natural tooth.

The success rate of dental implants depends on where the implants are placed and their purpose. Implants are great for replacing missing teeth. It is important that you have enough bone in the area of the missing teeth for the implants to be attached to. This requires assessment using a 3D scan and possible subsequent grafting.

Implant with crown

Conventional complete dentures